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Artwork Guidelines

Web Images
File Types: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF
These files are generally lo-resolution files and may not print well. To ensure a good quality print, send us your file and our art department will inspect the file and we will let you know if it is usable. Otherwise, we could touch-up your image, additional charges may apply.

Photoshop Files
File Types: TIF, PSD, JPG
File Preparation Instructions:
1. Image resolution should be at least 200 dpi at 100% of actual size.
2. Flatten your image.
3. Set your files Image Mode to RGB Color.
4. Save your file in TIF format (preferred), with LZW Image Compression.

Adobe Illustrator Files (vector images)
File Types: EPS, AI
File Preparation Instructions:
1. Set Document Color Mode to RGB Color.
2. Create Outlines on all fonts.
3. Save as an EPS file.

Note: RGB White will become a transparent color when converted to EPS format. To have White appear as a non-transparent color create a New Swatch spot color and name it SPOT WHITE.

Microsoft Word or PowerPoint Files
File Types: DOC, PPT
We cannot accept these file types to use in the Shirt Designer. However, if you send us your file we can convert it into a useable file and send it back to you, additional charges may apply.